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Machine Tool Accessories

Accessories for AtraAce Portable Drilling Machines

Nitto Part # Description
TP00234-0 Carbide Cutter Lubricant (1 gallon) Mix with water 10 to 1 dilution ratio
@UZ0028-0 1/2" Drill Chunk for twist drills For AS-30, AO-3000, UO-3500 and UOJ-3500
UEA0028-0 Chunk extension (to be used with #@UZ0028-0) For UO-3500 and UOJ-3500
TP16233-0 Chuck Adapter for AO-5000 and AS-50
TB02536-0 One Touch Adapter for 1/4" reduced shank twist drills

Accessories for SelferAce and Handy Selfer Hydraulic & Electric Punches

Nitto Part # Description
UHA9936-0 Split-lock Nut Assembly for 1" and 1-1/16" punches fits HS11/HA11
TA99036-0 Lock Nut Assembly for 24mm punches and under, fits HS11/HS07/HS06/HA11/HA07/HA06
TA99037-0 Lock Nut Assembly for 25mm punches only fits HS11/HS07/HA11/HA07
TB02142-0 Hook Clamp Assembly fits HS11/HS07/HS06
TA96342-0 Hook Clamp Assembly fits HA11/HA07
TB02141-0 Foot Switch Assembly for HS11/HS07/HS06
TA94386-0 Foot Switch Assembly for HA11/HA07/HA06
TP05184-0 16' High pressure hose fits all Nitto Kohki punches
NKTW-40 Spring Balancer - 66 lbs. to 88 lbs. capacity
NKTW-30 Spring Balancer - 48 lbs. to 66 lbs. capacity

Accessories for Hand Beveler

Nitto Part # Description
TA9A728 Pipe and Tube Beveling Attachment Capacity 5” to 32” inches O.D.
TA9A093 Cutting Tips (12 pieces/set)